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Task-Master - Organize Life, Simplify Living

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Why TaskMaster?

  • Task Master revolutionizes task management with its intuitive interface and powerful features.
  • It elevates project organization to new heights, empowering users to conquer their tasks with unparalleled efficiency.
  • From dynamic task tracking to seamless collaboration, Task Master is your ultimate ally in achieving project success.
  • Unleash your potential with Task Master – where every task becomes a triumph!

Tech Stack used

React, Node.js, Javascript, Supabase

How to Install the extension

  • Clone/Download this repo.

cd backend-taskmaster--main

npm run dev


cd frontend-supabase--main

npm run start


Screenshot 2024-04-21 at 12-21-57 Task Master Project Demo Screenshot 2024-04-21 at 12-22-19 Task Master Project Demo

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