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Timeless Debates

Project Summary

Philosophers' Debate is an innovative application that leverages OpenAI, Supabase, Generative Agents, and LangChain to create a dynamic and interactive debate platform featuring 10 of history's most influential philosophers. By integrating each philosopher's public works and an extensive database of knowledge, the application brings these historical figures to life, allowing them to engage in thought-provoking debates on a wide range of topics. Users have the unique opportunity to witness and participate in these debates, gaining a deeper understanding of each philosopher's perspective and their train of thought.


The primary motivation behind this project is to explore the potential of generative agents in replicating the thoughts and ideas of historical figures based on their publicly available works. The project also aims to demonstrate the capabilities of Generative agents in navigating vast amounts of information, deciding what to search, and revealing their reasoning process. Ultimately, this project seeks to showcase the power of AI-driven technologies in creating immersive and educational experiences that bridge the gap between the past and the present.


  • Select two out of ten possible philosophers to engage in a debate.
  • Each philosopher acts as an individual agent with access to their own collection of public works stored in a Supabase vectorstore.
  • Agents have the ability to search the web for relevant information to support their arguments.
  • Users can participate in the debate by asking questions or interjecting with their own thoughts.
  • Witness the train of thought and reasoning process of the generative agents as they engage in the debate.

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