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Twitter without toxic and negativity

The main purpose of this idea is to create a toxic-free and negativity-free platform for users to share their latest creation or idea. This is actually to solve my own craving for a platform like this.


This project turns out to be quite a challenge for me, as I'm currently still having a full-time job, and the complexity of the relational database is not my forte yet. But I somehow managed to say this is the MVP for this project.


I saw a few post on Twitter where the user decided to leave the platform because of the negativity, and all the hates. Furthermore, Polywork inspired me to create a platform for those user. I didn't enjoy Polywork because of its super high complexity for someone who just wanted to post a simple story on my timeline. Thus, I look this liberty, and challenge to create this platform.


If you like this project, and see potential in it, feel free to reach out to me at Twitter (@zernonia) or

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