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tooldb is a (soon) massive collection of frameworks and tools. It's build on Flowbite, Next.js, Tailwind CSS and uses Supabase.

💭 Motivation

Many know that there is a huge amount of frameworks, new server applications and tools. But it is very hard to keep track of all the new applications and frameworks who are published almost on a daily-basis. Some are really good, but most do not know them.

tooldb tries to keep track of them. It is (soon) a massive collection of frameworks and tools for developers.

👥 Based on contributions

Only one person couldn‘t handle the huge collection of tools and keep track of every new one. Everyone can submit their favourite framework or tool with opening an issue on GitHub.

✨ Submit tools

To grow the collection of tools, we need you! If you have a favourite tool or framework or you found one recently, we would love to have it in our collection. You can submit it here with AppSmith.

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