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Trivia Time

Trivia Time is a trivia game built using Supabase, Next.js and other technologies and hosted on vercel. You can log in and compete with the other users from the rest of the world. The base set of questions are from the Open Trivia Database, but there are some new questions added. The questions, user information, scores and other information are stored using Supabase and it uses Supabase auth to authenticate users. The app also uses Supabase storage to store images related to the questions.

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Features supported

  • Login with email, Google, Github and Twitter
  • Over 3k questions from 20+ categories and various difficulty levels
  • Start a new game with any of the selected categories and difficulty level
  • View your previous game scores, and see the list of top 20 players worldwide
  • Play an unlimited number of times
  • Dark mode

Features planned

  • Allow questions to use files other than images (like a video/sound clip)
  • Enhance the user profile to add avatar, nick name etc
  • Capability to host competitions/tournaments to compete with a set of people
  • Bulk upload of questions in excel/json format
  • Integrate with other auth providers

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