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unCover is a Saas web application designed to streamline the job application process by automating the creation of personalized cover letters. Say goodbye to manual cover letter writing and hello to effortless job applications!


  • Landing Page: Introduce users to unCover and its features, highlighting its ability to generate cover letters in seconds.
  • Clerk Authentication: Secure user authentication system powered by Clerk for seamless login and registration.
  • Dashboard: User-friendly dashboard for easy navigation and access to key features.
  • Resume Management: Upload and store resumes securely, allowing users to manage their job application documents efficiently.
  • Cover Letter Generation: Harness the power of Gemini AI to generate personalized cover letters tailored to job descriptions.
  • Cover Letter Management: Easily create, edit, and delete cover letters as needed.
  • Resume Management: Effortlessly upload, delete, and replace resumes directly from the dashboard.
  • Subscription-Based Features: Premium subscription options for enhanced features such as unlimited resume storage and priority support.

Technologies used

  • Frontend: Typescript, Nextjs, Reactjs, Tailwind CSS, Shadcn UI
  • Backend: Typescript, Nextjs
  • Database: Supabase postgres, Drizzle ORM
  • Authentication: Clerk
  • AI Integration: Gemini AI

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