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VSCode Shortcuts


I stared this today (Sunday) after hearing about the hackathon. I thought it would be a fun way to get back into using supabase!


I want to learn new VSCode Shortcuts and so do many other developers with thousands of searches for related terms each month.

I wanted to create a resource in line with other developer platforms such as Product Hunt, Reddit, HN etc where users can post new shortcuts and vote for the best ones. This will allow the cheat sheet to contain the BEST shortcuts possible (and this is the AI twist!) so that as developers, we can compete with the new AI overlords 🤖.

next steps

I have some loose ideas of what to do next if people find the website useful!

  • allow users to post custom shortcuts
  • apply to other verticals, photoshop etc
  • auth
  • embedded code editor so users can test them out in the browser



Guidance around new topics such as the db function in supabase


I haven't sue supabase for anything in a few years so this was a good route back in to trying a PostgreSQL db again after using NoSQL for a bit

  • database functions - these helped me implement the increment and decrement of the votes reliablely
  • db - I used the supabse db to store the shortcuts and allow additions from users
  • auth - I didn't implement auth due to the time constraints but will implement it using supabse auth soon (if people like the project)
    • I wanted to launch the MVP in one day and adding auth would have added just a slight bit of work more. Althought I am sure supabase make it easy

Vercel (hosting)

I used Vercel to host the website. Vercel make everything extremely easy and I also used this as my first oppotunity to try out Edge config and I was happy to see that Supabase works really well with Edge servers


The main app is in Remix with TypeScript. I like the combo and it allows me to type secure my app and have my BE and FE colocated together


No brainer!

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