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In today's fast-paced digital landscape, efficient communication and access to resources are paramount for any successful team. That's where Way to Website come into play, revolutionizing the way teams share and access links. With the rapid proliferation of information and tools, traditional methods of sharing and remembering links have become cumbersome and time-consuming. Way to Website offer an innovative solution to this challenge, streamlining the process and boosting overall productivity.

Here is a demo video:

WayTo Demo

How to Use:

  1. Access the Interface: Navigate to the WayToWebsite interface that you have set up. This could be hosted on your own server or through a web service.

  2. Create or Select Collection: Depending on your organizational needs, you can either create a new collection or choose an existing one. Collections help you organize and categorize your links efficiently.

  3. Add a New Link:

    • Within the chosen collection, find the option to "Add New Link" or something similar.
    • Provide the original URL of the webpage you wish to share.
  4. Customize the Path:

    • Assign a custom path to the link. This path will be used to access the link directly.
    • For instance, if you set the path as "team-meeting," the link will be accessible through to/team-meeting
  5. Save the Link: Once you've entered the original URL and the custom path, save the link within the collection.

  6. Access Links: To access a link, simply enter the base URL of your WayToWebsite instance followed by "to/" and the custom path.

By following these straightforward steps, you can ensure that your team has an efficient and user-friendly way to share and access important links. The "to/" prefix followed by the custom path will seamlessly redirect users to the intended webpage, streamlining the process of accessing resources. This approach can be particularly beneficial for internal teams, as it simplifies the sharing of frequently used links and eliminates the need for long, cumbersome URLs.


  • Link Sharing: Share links with your team and access them from anywhere.

  • Link Management: Manage your links by adding, editing, and deleting them.

  • Collection Management: Manage your collections by adding, editing, and deleting them.


  • Next.js
  • Supabase
  • tRPC
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Plasmo for Extension


  • Used Authentification and Database services of Supabase.

  • Used Auth UI



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