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Gender based discrimination restricts women to enjoy their rights on an equal basis with others. They are, for example, paid less than men for comparable work, their work at home is not paid and they are subjected to abuse and violence based on their gender.

This mobile app aims to promote women’s rights and intensify efforts to eliminate inequalities against women. The app will provide legal help through lawyers and advocates who are professional and experienced in women's rights. Lawyers offer a wide range of legal aid to support and protect users’ rights including legal steps to address domestic violence. It is also possible to apply to the help centers through the app to seek support when the user’s rights are violated. They can find the lists of help centers including free telephone helplines 24/7, shelters, medical counseling, trauma care and forensic services and local/regional/international support organizations.

The users can report the discrimination and gender based violence they face in the “Send Reports” section, manage their previous applications in the “Pending Record” and get legal advice on further steps that are required.

Technically, the app has been created on the FlutterFlow platform, some templates have been used. In the Help Center section, link referrals have been used to send user to the right online contact adres to ask a help or get information.

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