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World Corner Note

Read the posts of an anonymous someone and post as anonymous. In a world without the existence of precise searches, encounter fleeting moments through someone's notebook

What is this?

Use it first, feel it.

This service is a notepad of extreme simplicity. What makes it different from others is that there are no identities and there is no strict search with keywords.

The service uses a vector search to find anonymous notes written by others. You can then Favtite the notes you like. Of course, you can also post anonymous notes yourself as part of this world.

There is no set usage for this service. We just wanted to create such a magical space.

How to use

access to

Tech Stack

  • Hosting: Vercel
  • Frontend: Next.js, Shadcn UI, Tailwind CSS
  • Backend: Next.js
  • Database: Supabase
  • Embedding: OpenAI

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