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Xeploy is a feature-flagging app that simplifies the process of deploying features. It helps you to launch your features safely with on-demand rollback.


Why Xeploy?

Xeploy is here to simplify the way you manage feature flags, making it an essential tool for any development team.

Xeploy Features

  • Enable Features with a Click Xeploy makes it incredibly easy to enable or disable features in your application. Say goodbye to complex deployment processes and hello to hassle-free feature flag management.
  • Multi-Environment Support Whether you're managing feature flags for development, staging, or production environments, Xeploy provides a seamless experience. Switch between environments with confidence and ease.
  • Lightning-Fast Latency Xeploy's impressive latency of under ~500ms ensures that your feature flags respond quickly, providing a smooth user experience for your application.

Tech Stack

  • Supabase (Supabase Auth & Supabase Database)
  • NextJS
  • TailwindCSS
  • Shadcn
  • Upstash
  • Vercel

Get Started

Visit to get started today! Happy Xeploying!

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