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YT Notes - Interactive Video Notes

YT Notes is an interactive video note-taking application that enables users to jot down notes at specific timestamps during video playback.

Watch Demo Video on loom:


  • Users can swiftly create courses by simply entering the YouTube video URL.
  • A course will be generated by retrieving all the data from the YouTube API.
  • You can access any course and enjoy a similar YouTube-like experience with the added feature of note-taking.
  • When you make a note, it will automatically record the timestamp at which the note was taken.
  • You can revisit this timestamp and watch the video at the exact moment when you took that note to revise it.
  • You also have the ability to edit and delete the notes as you wish.
  • You can also download the notes as a text file for offline access.
  • You can listen to notes instead of reading them by simply clicking a button.

AI Usage

  • To test your knowledge, you can generate a quiz based on your notes. Gemini AI will create a multiple-choice question set that you can take to check your understanding.
  • You'll be presented with multiple options to select from, and your score will be tracked simultaneously.

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