Note: This project has now beed archived. The code is still avaliable on GitHub An open-source Sentry clone using Supabase's Auth, Storage, Database, and Realtime

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TLWR (The Long and Winding Road): Visualize User's Routing Paths

TLWR: The Long and Winding Road ![thelongwinding_road]( Demo Video [![Watch the video]( Problem We tried to Solve During service experience, users sometimes encounter the long and winding road to achieve their goal. As a service developer and provider, we need to know how the users suffer from the complex route connections and how to enhance the routing connections. What we provide TLWR (The Long and Winding Road) provides a collection tool of routing behavior of users and a visualization dynamic transition of routing paths for Flutter based services. We hope that service owners can achieve useful insight of users behavior and what has to be modified for the enhancement of the service. Here's a link to the working site [ Have a look around, we made the frontend as intuitive as possible to make it supa-easy for new users, and also prepared a demo account with pre-recorded routing behaviors. The Team Taejung Heo - GitHub( Demo Here's quick demo of TLWR : (not yet) How it works Supabase has been great hand for finishing this project in such a short period of time. Here's how we used it's features to efficiently deploy our service When a user first signs in, TLWR sends a magic link using Supabase authentication service. We provides TLWR routing observer. This observer sends log of users' page routing behaviors to our API server (feat. Supabase database). The page nodes and routing edges are stored in Supabase database to visualize page network. The frontend web site visualizes the page network of a running flutter service based on how users often and long visited and routed to the other page. How to user TLWR observer final logger = TLWRLogger.initialize(id: PROJECTID); final observer = TLWRObserver.initialize(tlwrLogger: logger); void main() { runApp(MaterialApp( home: Container(), navigatorObservers: [_observer], )); }





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AbileneX: The Revolutionary Idea Feedback Tool.

AbileneX is an idea voting tool that helps you get idea feedback that has not been distorted by the Abilene Paradox. Voting on ideas with AbileneX vs discussing the idea( to learn more about AbileneX and the Abilene Paradox that it is based on.

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Charts: Custom Analytics Client

Charts is an open source analytics app for your Supabase project. Download from an App Store or get the code and build it yourself! Execute queries on your data based on SELECT or RPC statements. Uses the Supabase JS library. Add most supported postgrest-js modifiers like filters and sort. The app only communicates with your own supabase projects. It runs on the public API using the public URL and anon key, so RLS is respected. Place the queries around the app however you like! Perfect for developers trying out Supabase to get a handle on how their apps are performing. Where to get it Online( Android App(


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