Translate your app 2x, 3x faster. Inlang is an open-source localization solution for software. Inlangs goal is to make internationalization and localization of software X times faster through standardization, developer tools, and automation.



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Managing a project has never been so easy. With Kardow, you can create, edit, and track your projects. You can also share your projects with your team and collaborate with your team members. What are you waiting for? Join us! 🚀 Features Drag and drop board Track issues easily Simplicity first Highly customisable 🖥️ Tech Stack Supabase Auth Supabase Database React Typescript MUI Mantine

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Using Supabase for your backend? Try Dashibase for the frontend. Save dozens of engineering hours and create a user dashboard in less than 2 minutes. Plug-and-play with Supabase authentication and databases.




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Overseed helps developers generate mock data files, streams, and webhooks to demonstrate services, prototype applications, and validate algorithms. No spreadsheets, scripting, or infrastructure are required. Design your schemas with @cue_lang (a strongly-typed JSON language), then generate data for your application. Get started with a pre-built schema template (more on the way soon!).

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