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Github Chat offers a public real-time chat room for every open source GitHub repository. All chat content is visible to the public. In order to participate in the chat, the user should sign in with their GitHub account. How to enter a chat? Use the input in landing page to enter a repository owner/name and navigate to the corresponding chat room. Or if you are in , just add -chat, like github-chat/owner/repo and navigate directly to the corresponding chat room. Signed-in users will see a menu listing all the chat rooms in which they have been participating, for easy access.



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Chatbox real-time chat with your friends


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End-to-end encrypted chat

An end-to-end encrypted chat using public keys and [Supabase]( Built for Supabase's Holiday-hackdays hackathon. Available at: <

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ChatMore: A Web chatapp like Whatsapp

This project is a Chatapp made in React with the help of Supabase as backend. On the main page we can authenticate, and then add users to the our chatlist. Any user can chat with a user he added. The user can also edit his own profile, update a profile picture, and even send images or emojis to another user. This Chatapp has all the functionalities of a normal chatapp, except to see if a user is online or not.

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A telegram bot to help with monitoring rental availability around Australia, with an aim to help people battle their way through the country-wide rental crisis. It allows a user to subscribe to areas (e.g. Western Sydney, NSW), and receive real-time updates. The bot will then constantly monitor listings that match your preferred area and notify users of any new listings, in addition to letting users know when listings are removed.


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Collection of projects made with Supabase

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