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Schema Visualizer Secured & Simple Supabase Schema Visualizer\ No installations • No Database password required. 🚀 Features 🔨 No installations 🔒 Persistent State in LocalStorage 🚪 Login-less 👀 No Sensitive info required 🤚 Moveable Schema for own design

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Build apps in a weekend, collaborating with your whole team. Teta is cooperative app builder which allows users and teams to visually develop mobile apps with Supabase integration.

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This Music Visualizer is made using the main 4 features of Supabase: 1) Auth: Secured user authentication using Email & Password 2) Storage: All the songs played on the website are stored in Supabase Storage under a bucket 3) Realtime: User can chat with other users online while listening to the songs 4) Database: Every chat data is being stored in Supabase Database


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Core Web Vitals dashboard

I'm capturing Core Web Vitals data from visitors to my site and sending it to Supabase. I then pull this data back from Supabase into my dashboard page and display it in various data visualisations. I'm making use of the Supabase database, API and PostreSQL functions. I'm going to keep adding more visualisations to make it easy to understand the user experience on my site. I'd be keen to turn this into a SaaS product if other people would like to capture this data for their sites.

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Supabase Addons

The goal of this package is to make things easier when using Supabase with Flutter.





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Collection of projects made with Supabase

I made this to showcase the ⚡ Power of Supabase.
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