This project is a simple time management application. It allows you to keep the works you will do in your mind in different categories. If you want to contribute, you can create a branch of the issue from the dev branch and open a PR on this branch. Or you can contribute by opening an issue.




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Moodhoarder is an app for simple sharing of moodboards that has photographers/designers in mind; images can be uploaded and then deleted or sorted via dragging across the gallery before the final result is published and a unique shareable link is created and copied. Users can log in if they wish to save created boards in their profile. Developed with Typescript and Next.js, using Supabase for authentication, image storage and as database.




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Organize your collection, build out your backlog, and discover new games to play across any gaming platform.

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absentify is free and specially designed for the Microsoft 365 environment to manage your team's or company's absences in one place and get an overview over all leaves. You benefit from full integration of paid time off tracking with Teams and Microsoft 365, no more boring Excel sheets. The easiest way to handle employee time off.

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A fashion specific mobile browser that lets customers browse stores, create wishlists and design outfits.

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Collection of projects made with Supabase

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