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Take control of your domain names. Stay organized, save time, and easily manage your domains with OneDomain's tools, monitor & control expiry dates, DNS records, analytics... and much more.






Limiter is a low-code solution to set up, track and gate subscription features and limits while letting you maintain full control of your data. Every SaaS needs feature toggles, limits and quotas. Most will roll out their own implementation. But let's be honest, this logic is no fun to write. Limiter provides an opinionated solution to this problem. We've made the ultimate sacrifice and wrote the code so that no one ever has to.



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Create landing pages in minutes. It's simple. It's free. It's made with love.


Charts: Custom Analytics Client

Charts is an open source analytics app for your Supabase project. Download from an App Store or get the code and build it yourself! Execute queries on your data based on SELECT or RPC statements. Uses the Supabase JS library. Add most supported postgrest-js modifiers like filters and sort. The app only communicates with your own supabase projects. It runs on the public API using the public URL and anon key, so RLS is respected. Place the queries around the app however you like! Perfect for developers trying out Supabase to get a handle on how their apps are performing. Where to get it Online( Android App(


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Overseed helps developers generate mock data files, streams, and webhooks to demonstrate services, prototype applications, and validate algorithms. No spreadsheets, scripting, or infrastructure are required. Design your schemas with @cue_lang (a strongly-typed JSON language), then generate data for your application. Get started with a pre-built schema template (more on the way soon!).

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62 - Create a free employee handbook lets you create an employee handbook in minutes with this easy builder. Get a (free) and up-to-date employee handbook for your team. Edit the handbook in the app, or download it as a Word Doc for sharing.



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I was looking to tackle a larger scale project and at the same time, wanted a way to empower new devs to enter the industry by allowing them to concentrate on building projects, whilst offering a freemium option to build their portfolio really quickly. ✌️






Ponder the future! Did that TV series end the way you thought it would? Did you follow through on your New Year's resolution? Browse and track it all on Whattl. Think about the future. Make predictions, ask questions, chime in on new ideas, or just browse what people are thinking about. Whattl is your go-to platform for talking about what's new in the world– and what's coming. Stay in touch. Browse trending topics, save interesting ideas, and get notified when the time comes to check in on a prediction. Whattl's novel threaded interface keeps discussions interesting and on topic. Share your ideas. Whether it's creating interesting prompts, making insightful predictions, or leaving thoughtful comments, Whattl is here for your ideas. Features Create events about a future unknown Add predictions about the outcome Comment and discuss the event and predictions Get notified when the outcome becomes known Track personal events Browse public events

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