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Become a better version of yourself > EveryThought is a web application designed to help you identify and recognize your emotions through daily guided prompts and journaling. Each time you create a new thought, you start a journey through a guided prompt. First, you'll be asked a thought-provoking question with an opportunity to respond. Then, as you continue through the steps of the thought, you'll learn about the associated emotion and how it relates to your life. Whether you choose to create a new thought each day, week, or as many times as you desire; that's up to you. Start your journey today Create a profile Start a new Thought Transform the way you view yourself and others Built with 🏝 in Florida, USA by Mike & Emily Roberts. We are a husband & wife team passionate about mental health & entrepreneurship. [Mike]( is a CTO by day & Emily has a background in psychology and counseling. Let's be friends.



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Invoice Kit

Invoice Kit Invoice Kit is a tax invoice generator with customer, service, and invoice masters. The database used is a Supabase PostgreSQL container self-hosted on Docker. Initializing with Docker Docker is the easiest way to get started with self-hosted Supabase. Checkout the docker directory in the [Supabase]( repository. To initialize the Supabase Client we use the createClient() method from Supabase. You will need the KONGHTTPPORT and the ANON_KEY from .env. Add these values in .env.local for invoice-kit. To request data from the database we use the built-in Supabase methods. The documentation relating to these functions can be found [here]( Note that some of the methods relating to storage-api might not work. Failing Peer Authentication When connecting to the PostgreSQL service within Docker CLI you might encounter FATAL: Peer authentication failed for user "postgres". To fix this issue update the pg_hba.conf file within /etc/postgresql. The location of this file isn't very consistent. License This project is licensed under the [MIT License](

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Spookd Framer icon Supabase icon A Framer prototype game with Supabase as backend This is a proof of concept project, to showcase how can a multiplayer game be created via any UI and a Supabase db. Using the DB to store data and the realtime communication (through websockets) to broadcast events. This game features: Creating user accounts Creating game lobby Joining game Playing and receiving gameplay events (player ready, win, loss, shared game data) instructions: Pick an avatar Make or Join a game (put 1 player to play a solo challenge) Press Start to indicate that you are ready to play Prefered platform: Mobile Gameplay link: Documentation Framer view The random blocks (PGB - Procedurally Generated Blocks) are smart components with 3 shapes inside and variable colors/shapes PGB PGB Variables Prototype Views (Framer) Registration Character picker bottom sheet Menu Game Creation Game creation bottom sheet form Game finder Game password modal Score Gameplay View Random target block modal Win modal Loss modal Mindmap Views API Overview User creation User is automatically created if they don't exist on local storage User is assigned a unique ID User is assigned a custom avatar Game creation Host user is creating a game with [name, max-players, password(optional)] The host is added as one of the players on the players column The game blocks layout is saved on the game_data column Idle games ( last_heartbeat ) for more than 1-hour are deleted Game join User finds the game through the list of games from the game finder view User adds password for the game if needed User joins the selected game and they are registered as the nth user on the database on the players column The "guest" user is subscribed to receive events via the Realtime Supabase Both players receive events when a new player registers, if the minimum_players value matches the players length Game play The "guest" user receives the pre-made layout from the game_data When the "host" and "guest" both press Ready the game starts When the game stars both players are presented with a shape combination to discover The first one that discovers the correct combination is the winner and the winner column is filled with the player_name Both players are notified via the subscription for the winner The loss modal is shown The win modal is shown Mindmap Supabase Clean up Right now clients are responsible of cleaning up idle games that their last_heartbeat is over 1 hour. Games also get removed after a winner has been declared but users refreshing the page or navigating away can leave the game in an idle state. In the future a dedicated server or Supabase function with a cron job could be responsible for handling these leftovers. Team Michael Dobekidis Twitter: @netgfx Github:




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