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<img src=" Together 👨‍👧‍👧 I hope you are well, staying safe and healthy. I have started working remotely during the pandemic. My routine in this time is getting up, eating, working, then eating and go to sleep, day by day, a cycle :(. To be honest, I feel a bit lonely. Then I join a group on Facebook. The admin of this group creates an event where group members can join a Zoom room and study, working together. I also join this event, it's great fun. I meet a lot of people. It makes me don't feel alone anymore. So I wonder why don't I create a website where people can put their room link (use Google Meet, Zoom, or Gather ...) then other people can join. So I created Together. 👨‍👧‍👧 🗂 Tech Stack Below is a list of technologies we use at Together. <img src=" src=" src=" src=" Team Vincenzo Twitter( Selina [Facebook]( Khac Bao [Facebook]( ✨Features [x] Create room [x] View, search rooms [x] Join room [x] Add to calendar [ ] Allow user create categories [ ] Create like, interested, joining buttons [ ] Allow user can report room [ ] Share room on facebook, twitter ... [ ] and more... How did I actually use Supabase in Relm [x] Supabase Auth for authentication [x] Supabase Database for storing users, rooms, categories ... [x] Supabase Storage for storing user's avatar, room's banner [ ] Supabase Realtime for "live room" feature. License ISC © 2021 Vincenzo